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Cyberbullying Facts and Stats

17 in 10 young people are victims of cyberbullying (Ditch the Label)

137% of young people experience cyberbullying on a highly frequent basis (Ditch the Label)

154% of young people using Facebook reported that they have experienced cyberbullying on the network (Ditch the Label)

1Facebook, Ask.fm and Twitter are found to be the most likely sources of cyberbullying (Ditch the Label)

1Females are twice likely as males to experience cyber bullying; nearly one out of four females (23%) reported cyber bullying victimization, compared to 11% of males (Urban Institute)

188% of cyberbullying victims also experienced psychological bullying victimization (Urban Institute)

1Only 11% of teens talked to parents about incidents of cyberbullying (National Crime Prevention Council)

1Almost 80% of teens said that they either did not have parental rules about Internet use or found ways around the rules (National Crime Prevention Council)

181% of youth said that others cyberbully because they think it’s funny (National Crime Prevention Council)

1  Over 70% of teens said that being able to block cyberbullies was the most effective method of prevention (National Crime Prevention Council)





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