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Snapchat Facts and Stats

17 in 10 young people are victims of cyberbullying (Ditch the Label)

1Number of “snaps” a day: 400 million (MacMillan)

132% of US teens (aged 13-17) use Snapchat on a mobile phone (Craig)

177% of college students use Snapchat daily (Shontell)

15% of all “selfies” sent on social media belong to Snapchat (Malukas)

12% of all college students say they use Snapchat to send “sexts” (Shontell)

19% of mobile owners reportedly use Snapchat (PEW)

118% of people who own an iPhone, have snapchat installed (PEW)

1The average number of snaps received per day is between 20-50 (Blodget)

1  In September 2014, 4.6 million Snapchat users had the usernames and personal info leaked onto the Internet (Hernandez)  





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