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Wearable Tech Facts and Stats

1The Wearable Technology market was valued to be $6.3 Million in 2010, $5.1 Billion in 2014 and by 2018 is predicted to surpass $12.6 Billion (Head Tech) 

1Investors have spent over $500 Million on wearable technology startups since 2009 (Shieber)

161% of all devices in the wearable tech market are activity or fitness trackers (ABI Research)

160% of Americans who own wearable technology devices attest that it helps them “feel more in control” of their lives (Rackspace)

1The total number of tweets mentioning wearable tech went from 4,103 in January of 2013 to 64,989 by September of 2013 (Milot)

171% of Americans say the wearable technology has improved their health (Rackspace)

162% of people who responded to a wearable tech survey think that wearable devices such as Google Glass should be regulated in some form (Rackspace)

11 in 5 people surveyed think that wearable devices should be banned entirely (Rackspace)

151% of people reported that privacy is the main thing preventing them from using wearable technology (Rackspace)

1   54% of Americans and 46% of Brits indicated that wearable tech has boosted their self-confidence (Rackspace)





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