Social Media Etiquette

social media etiquette

Attend our Twitter Party to discuss aspects of Social Media “Netiquette”. We'll chat about what the anonymity of the web does for social media etiquette, how language used can easily result in miscommunications, and how parents can set proper netiquette examples for tweens. We will share social media etiquette facts and tips for parents & tweens throughout the party! Join us in the discussion! Be sure to RSVP in order to register for the Twitter Party and add the hashtag #DigitalParenting to your tweets. Prize winners will be determined at random times throughout the discussion.

Topic: Social Media Etiquette

Date: Wednesday April 23, 2014

Time: 1pm-2pm EDT

Prizes: One $75 Amazon Gift Card and two $25 Amazon Gift Cards

Follow: @uKnowKids and add the hashtag #DigitalParenting to your tweets

RSVP: on the form to the right

Prize Details: Prize winners are determined at random times throughout the Twitter Party time frame. We will notify prize winners via email. Prize winners must respond by email to claim their prize by 2 P.M. EDT the following day (April 24).