uKnowKids Infographic: SWAT-ting: Inside a New Trend in Cyber Crime

SWAT-ing is one of the latest disconcerting pranks trending with teens. Those who engage in SWAT-ting attempt to trick an emergency service (such as a 9-1-1 dispatcher) into dispatching an emergency response team onto an unsuspecting individual. A long list of celebrities, including Ryan Seacrest and Selena Gomez, have fallen victim to the prank.

Repercussions of SWAT-ting include:

  • Putting citizens in danger, as the "prank" results in creating longer response times for real emergencies
  • Potential four-year felony convictions
  • Costs for law enforcements up to $100,000

Kids need to know that SWAT-ting is no joke. View our infographic to inform yourself and your teens about the dangers of SWAT-ting! infographic


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