uKnowKids Infographic: The Truth About Teen Sexting

The potential for children to engage in sexting is a trifling concern that afflicts digital parents far and wide - and it's not an issue that is likely to go away anytime soon. With the ease and availability of texting, video chatting, Snapchat, Tinder and a myriad of messaging apps, the platform for sexting has only grown in recent years 

When it comes to teens and sexting:

  • 86% of sexters are not caught
  • 48% of teens have received a sexually suggestive message
  • 39% of teens have sent a sext

Learn more sexting statistics and discover how you can prevent your teenagers from becoming involved in sexting. It’s important to stop any situation before it becomes a catastrophe!

Sexting Inforgraphic from uKnowKids

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