Cyber-Stalking: The Dangers of Over Sharing Information

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Sharing Too Much?

Detailed in the infographic is the story of two high-profile teens that made judgment errors in choosing what and how to post personal information on social networks. Luckily, neither teen was harmed but both cases exaggerate the repercussions of such ill judgments. Both teens are children of fathers with technology and safety backgrounds and yet were still susceptible to harm from posting information on social networks. Let this be a lesson for all parents; if it can happen to Michael Dell and Evgeny Kaspersky (who know the dangers of online security more than most and can spend way more than the average parent to ensure that security), it can happen to anyone.

Internet and mobile safety expert, Tim Woda, stated “Odds are no one wants to kidnap your kids” In fact, he states, “cyber-stalkers are more likely to be ex-boyfriends or estranged parents.” As part of its commitment to keeping children safe and updating parents with pertinent information,uKnowKids has designed a campaign to inform parents of the importance of teaching kids the repercussions of sharing too much information online. Woda goes on to give the following advice to all parents: “You may not be a safety expert, the founder of a computer cmpany, or even a tech-savvy parent; but you can still take measures to protect your children online. Dell and Kaspersky are GREAT parents - but even the greatest parents can benefit from a parental intelligence system!”

Facts and Stats to Tweet:

  1. Tech mogul Michael Dell’s daughter compromises $2.7 million security detail with tweets and instagram photo Tweet this 
  2. Social networks such as Twitter, FourSquare & Instagram provide “Geo-tagging” and time-stamp functionality for every post Tweet this
  3. Son of Russian software tycoon Evgeny Kaspersky, was kidnapped after posting too much personal information Tweet this
  4. Even the children of computer safety experts can make safety mistakes online: Tweet this

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