Snapchat: You Need to Know About the Teen "Sexting" App

snapchat infographicLINK 1

Snapchat, Defined and Dethroned

What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a wildly popular photo sharing application, used 30 million times every day. The app allows users to send photos to friends, acquaintances or strangers. Significantly, the user can choose how many seconds the sent photo will be visible until it “self-destructs.”

Why should you care? Because of this “self-destruction” feature, some teens and tweens think it is a safe way to engage in sexting. There are no safe ways to engage in sexting! Recipients can share pictures with others or use a screen capturing app to retain a copy of Snapchat pictures. Facebook also offers its users a Snapchat-like mobile application called Fakebook Poke with essentially the same features.

Sexting should not be taken lightly, especially as a parent. In the short term, sexting may result in humiliation at school and a bad reputation. In the long term, it might even lead to expulsion from school, denial of college admission, and, in extreme cases, criminal prosecution. 


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