Cyberbullying, Harassment, Stalking and Addiction

The Internet is an amazing thing. It is a way to connect individuals from around the world, together without ever having to leave the comfort of home. It can be used to gather information that was never accessible so readily and provides for a way to discuss aspects of life with old and new friends. With this power and greatness, though, come many risks, especially when it comes to children. All individuals, including children and teenagers, are susceptible to cyber harassment, stalking, and potential addictions as the result of Internet usage. The following explains more. 

Cyber Bullying Crime and Harassment

Cyber bullying crime is a very dangerous action in which an individual is followed, spoken to, or contacted online when it is unwarranted. There is also indirect harassment where outside or third parties may actually participate in harassing behaviors such as talking badly in an open forum about another individual, posting pictures about them, or making jokes at their expense. Though it sounds simple and as if it would just be an annoyance, cyber harassment is real and it can be very intimidating and scary. Children or young adults will often hide or not speak about the problems that they are having with cyber bullying. For that reason, it becomes necessary for parents and caregivers to take a more proactive approach.


Stalking may be just as overt as cyber harassment or more ambiguous and hidden. Cyber stalking occurs when an individual’s location, web history, and perusing on the net are followed or trailed by a hacker or by a friend. This can remain in the virtual setting where this information is used to either harass or threaten, or even just to know what is going and occurring in an individual’s life. In contrast, it may also be taken outside the realm of the virtual as well. Cyber stalking can be a very serious offense but can turn even more problematic if the individual takes their actions outside of the virtual and into the actual world. For that reason, there needs to be precautions taken so injury or another problem does not result.


The internet itself can become an addiction. Individuals spend hours a day on the computer and with teenager, the cellphone and other pieces of technology are equally as used. For that reason, there is an addiction that can be unhealthy and create an unhealthy imbalance in life, especially a child’s or teenagers. Also the world of the internet can also open up to the susceptible or chance of other addictions as well by exposing children to materials and providing access to certain substances that they may not have known prior. For that reason, this can develop addictions in younger individuals at an early age because of the exposure they are experiencing.

What To Do

In order to protect your child or children from cyber bullying crime, take a proactive role. Educate them on the dangers of the internet and be active on their accounts in order to protect them. Use Parental Intelligence systems to help keep tabs and keep them safe without looking over their shoulders all the time.                         

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