Sex Trafficking via Facebook: The Latest Digital Parenting Concern

Most people frequently hear cases of cyberbullying or sexting gone wrong in the news, but recently, we were reminded that even more intense dangers exist out there on the world wide web.  CNN Money did a great piece on this latest digital parenting concern entitled "Pimps hit social networks to recruit underage sex workers."  We thought all of our readers needed to know about this latest digital dangers, so we are sharing the article today. 

An interesting excerpt:

"It started with a Facebook Friend request....

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Tim Woda on The Ricki Lake Show!

Tim WodaAiring Thursday October 4th, Tim Woda, our in-house Internet and Mobile Safety expert will be guest starring on The Ricki Lake Show. Covering two segments of the hour long show Tim details the harrowing story that led to the creation of and uKnowKids. If you would like to join us for our viewing party we will be hosting a Google+ Hangout with Tim and our Team. Join in on Thursday at 11:00 AM EST!

Thursday Show Preview:

"How much is too much when it comes to sharing on Social Media?

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Sexting Laws Get Changed in Florida

Even though it's not smart, a lot of teens are sexting. That is, they're sending nude or suggestive  pictures of themselves to each other on their cell phones. Though sexting is still a bad idea for a lot of reasons, parents in Florida should know that sexting laws that could affect their kids have changed.

Under the old law, any minor possessing or distributing a sext where the subject is under age 18 could be prosecuted as a sex offender. The new law, however, is much more lenient. What happens now when a teacher or parent finds and reports a sext on a child's phone?

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