Guest Post: Six Deadly Sins of Online Gaming and Digital Parenting

Everything is good in moderation. That first piece of chocolate is delicious, but after the 20th piece you start and feel a little bit sick. A twenty minute jog may be a great idea, but a two hour jog can be torture. This is a concept that can be applied to all walks of life.Online gaming is an area this is definitely applied to. Online games, such as Ben 10 online games and Scooby Doo games, are great for children if played in moderation and used properly. If your child does not commit the following six deadly gaming sins then they will have great fun and you will take another step closer towards appropriate digital parenting.

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Gaming Teens More Likely to Have Poor Relationships with Parents

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our child’s favorite online games. Sure, they encourage hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, team play, and friendships with peers. But we also worry about child predators, cyberbullying, online game addiction, decreased performance in school, and exposure to violence and other adult content. And did you know your child’s gaming frequency might be an indicator of how they feel about you as a parent?

In a study of 500 middle school students conducted by the University of Michigan, results showed that kids who played more online games were more likely to report a negative relationship with their parents than kids who rarely or never played. Heavy game-players were more likely to describe their parents as “nagging” and “providing less supervision.”

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Gamers Beware of Hackers: Kids Safety Online Gaming

The gaming giant Sony has been hacked twice in the last few months, compromising the identities and personal information of millions of users worldwide. Keep your kids safe: including their identities when they're online gaming. Even when users think their information is completely safe, it never truly is on the Internet.

The hackers first attacked between April 17 and 19, affecting 77 million PlayStation accounts. Personal information such as names, addresses, emails, birthdates, and PlayStation IDs, logins, and passwords were accessed. Credit card information could also have been stolen if the users gave it to the site.

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