Top 25 Family Safety Articles of the Week

Family Safety

Home Safety

  1. We all understand the importance of home security, but we also know it can be pricey. Rehna from Ardor NY Real Estate gives us five inexpensive ways to boost your home’s security.

  2. Metzae at Dandy Gadget has an interesting article on how smart-home technology is changing the face of home security.

  3. We’ve discussed how to burglar-proof your doors, and the Homes and House blog echoes these sentiments, recommending super-sturdy composite doors for security.

  4. Tammy, from A Mom and Her Blog, talks about the benefits of wireless home security systems.

  5. Powers Heating & Air has a different take on staying safe at home, doling out sage advice on three all-too-common home safety hazards.

  6. Spring has sprung, and WeMakeItSafer has some great tips on safe and healthy gardening this season.

  7. And April of Safety Source reminds us to keep fire safety in mind during our annual spring cleaning.

Family & Child Safety

  1. Just in time for spring break, Ayngelina of Travel + Escape hands out 5 travel safety tips you’ve probably never heard of.

  2. Mom Knows it All Evelyn talks about teaching your kids some important lessons in safety and personal security.

  3. If you’re celebrating this Sunday, Ask the Babyproofer has 10 tips to keep Easter fun and safe.

  4. Larry at SafeKids write and impassioned and interesting article on bullying – and how adults need to stop bullying each other (and kids).

  5. Free Range Lenore sends us to Life As An Adverb for a great article on letting go and letting kids be kids.

Food Safety

  1. The Parent Report speaks with allergist Dr. John Dean to dish out info on signs and symptoms of food allergies.

  2. And Deb at Kids With Food Allergies follows up with some great, nutritional food substitutions for kids with food allergies.

Mobile & Cyber Safety

  1. Tim at uKnowKids outlines a three-step plan to help keep your children away from the dangers of sexting.

  2. Tim follows up with another great post, this time on 10 common Internet scams that could ensnare your kids.

  3. We Live Security reminds us of the ongoing problems criminal hackers are unleashing on Yahoo! email users.

  4. If you think you’re cyber insurance policy covers cloud computing, Christine warns that may not be the case.

  5. Parents often hone in on Facebook when thinking of online safety, but Leonie the Cyber Safety Mom reminds us that mobile apps are an important element to Internet safety.

Senior Safety

  1. The Aging Wisely blog counts down the top 10 signs you may need a geriatric care manager.

  2. And Elder Care at Home reports on the scary truth: prescription medication mishaps are common among seniors.

Work Safety

  1. If you’ve ever thought, “oh, my aching feet!”, Oshatoes wants you to know foot pain is not normal. And they review three common foot problems – plantar fasciitis, bunions, and neuromas – and how to prevent them.

  2. Facility Management Magazine reviews how to minimise contractor risks by embracing accountability. (I can just hear the Australian accent as I spell minimise!)

  3. And speaking of Australia, the Safety At Work blog brings us some interesting news: Simon Corbell, ACT’s Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, surprised the country byaccepting 27 safety recommendations from a recent report,  stating, “Safety is an issue for every person on a construction site with principal contractors, sub-contractors, workers, unions and the Regulator all working together… The Government expects employers and unions to demonstrate leadership on this issue.”

  4. Finally, Blog4Safety has some handy tips on how to prevent slip and fall accidents in the workplace or at your business.

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