Teens Who Sext Are More Likely to Engage in Other Sexual Behaviors


Think your 7th grader isn't sexting? Might be time to think again.

A new study was published online today by the American Academy of Pediatrics about the sexting habits of at-risk seventh graders.

Here are some of the most shocking statistics:

  • 22 percent of at-risk seventh graders participated in sexting.

  • 17 percent sending texts only.

  • 5 percent sending texts and photos.

  • Higher perceptions of approval for sexual behavior from parents, peers and the media, higher intentions to engage in sexual behavior, lower emotional awareness, and lower emotional self-efficacy.


  • At-risk teenagers who had sexted were 4 to 7 times more likely to engage in a variety of sexual behaviors.

Read the full release here.  


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