uKnowKids Releases Digital Parenting eBook

February 20, 2013 at 11:08 AM

uKnowKids is pleased to announce that we have released our most important eBook yet!digital parenting, online parenting Entitled "Understanding Digital Parenting: The Essential Guide to Raising Connected Kids", this eBook is free of charge and jammed full of important information for parents of digital kids! Unlike previous generations, today’s parents struggle with trying to bridge an ever-growing information gap between what their child is doing online and what they can see their child doing at home. This eBook will help parents raise connected kids in a safe and trustworthy way. 

After downloading and reading this eBook, parents will learn:

  • The importance of educating children about how to use the Internet
  • Stages of the digital child and how to parent effectively at each stage
  • The importance of building trust with your child
  • and much more!
Feel free to download and share this eBook with parents and educators--the more people that read the information inside, the safer children will be online and on their mobile phones!

Posted by Callie Harris

Callie is Content Director, PR lead and go-to-girl at uKnow.
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