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uKnowKids Word Bully App Reports Cyberbullying to Parents

By Tim Woda on February 21, 2012 at 4:51 PM

uKnowKids is committed to protecting the safety and reputation of children whenever and wherever they go online. Other companies have also jumped in the arena to try to protect kids online in various sectors.

Word Bully is developed by Iconosys, a company designed to address the pitfalls in mobile and smartphone technology. Word Bully is a smartphone app developed to keep parents apprised of potential cyberbullying – whether their child is the victim or the perpetrator.

Parents put a password on their child's smartphone, program in their own cell phone number, and are instantly alerted via SMS whenever their child's phone sends or receives a message that contains profanity, threats, vulgarities, or other custom words identified by the parent.

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Facebook and Time Warner Launch Anti-CyberBullying App

By Steven Woda on January 25, 2012 at 3:18 PM

As all parents know, cyberbullying is a widespread problem that most kids today will unfortunately run into at some point in their lives. Many people brush it off as “kids will be kids,” but for some tween and teen victims the bullying has been the source of anxiety, depression, and other emotional and behavioral problems. Some have even taken their own lives in response to unrelenting cyberbullying.

Facebook is one popular social media network that is unfortunately the platform for a lot of cyberbullying that goes on. Facebook has included bullying FAQ for victims and parents of victims on its website, but has been criticized for not doing more.

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