Nation Wide "No Name-Calling Week": Anti-Cyberbullying

no name calling weekEvery year, during the fourth week of January, hundreds of schools across the country participate in No Name-Calling Week to encourage the fight against bullying and cyberbullying. During this week, schools plan activities and events aimed at ending verbal bullying and name-calling.

At Mabel Wilson Elementary School of Cumberland, Maine the national No Name-Calling Week included several activities to highlight positive ways children can help stop bullying.

The schools two guidance counselors organized a huge paper chain encircling the lunchroom with a link written by every child in the school. Each link has a positive picture, word or phrase about how to be a good friend.

A group of students from nearby Greely High School put on skits during each lunch period to show kids the impact that bullying can have on others.

All the teachers read books about bullying and talking with their students, generating a list of strategies to deal with bullies and to hang in the classroom. Here is the list from “Mrs. O’s” first and second grade class:

  • Tell them to stop
  • Tell them they're being mean or being a bully
  • Ignore them
  •  Walk away
  •  Get help from a grown up

No Name Calling week is a great reminder to kids and adults how important it is to treat other with kindness and respect, and is just one instance of a community making a stand against bullying. Ask your children's teachers if you can get involved and encourage your kids!

-Article Contributed by Nancy O'Rourke

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