Internet & Mobile Safety Pledge

phone safety pledgeYou can help your child safely enjoy technology and steer clear of digital dangers such as predators, sexting and cyberbullying by getting involved with their digital life.

One way to ensure that your child knows what is expected of them is for you and your child to review, sign and post a Safety Pledge on the refrigerator.

    • I will talk with my parent(s) so that we can establish rules for using the Internet and my mobile phone. We will decide the time of day that these can be used, the length of time that I can use them, the appropriate online areas for me to visit, and the appropriate uses of my mobile phone.

    • I will not access other areas online or break these rules without their permission.

    • I will not give out my address, telephone number, parents’ work address/telephone number(s), or the name and location of my school without the permission of my parent(s).

    • I will not use chat rooms and I will only use instant messengers, email and text messaging to communicate with those people my parents have approved.

    • I will not respond to email, instant messages or text messages from someone I do not know offline (in real-life).  I will not arrange to meet anyone in person that I “meet” online.  This includes “friends of friends”.

    • I will never send my picture to anyone or post a picture of myself online without first checking with my parent(s), and I will not send or post pictures of other people.

    • I will not use bad language, insult people or be rude to other people online.  I will not forward instant messages, text or email messages that are hurtful to others. I will respect the privacy of my friends and family.


    • I will tell an adult right away if I come across anything online or receive any information that makes me feel uncomfortable.


    • I will always follow the rules of Internet sites and I will not purchase products or services online without my parents’ approval and help.  I will not download anything, including email attachments without my parent's approval.

    • These rules apply wherever I am: at home, a friend’s house, school, and library or whenever I use technology.

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