The Dark Side Of Sexting

amanda toddThe trend to send sexually explicit text messages and photos (also known as sexting) is something that is seen as harmless by many upon first consideration. In fact, many who read this may have engaged in this type of activity themselves at some point. However, there are some things that those who engage in sexting, are considering doing so, or are the parents of someone who falls into the first two categories should consider. 

The Cavalier Daily, the newspaper covering stories impacting the University of Virginia community highlighted the recent suicide of a 15 year old girl after she was caught up in some sexting activities.

Amanda Todd learned of the permanency of sending nude images when she discovered her topless photo circulating the Internet and social networking sites. Her classmates teased and tormented her and she was humiliated, which she confessed in the YouTube video that she made prior to her death. Sexting can lead to many problems, especially if the images end up in the wrong hands.

New Call-to-Action This tragic story is not common in the way that it ended by any means, but it is fair to say that a great number of young adults are at least teased for their sexting behaviors. This is likely an unfortunate side effect of the very fluid romantic relationships that many face at that age. If a relationship fails at that age, those involved in it may feel the need to get revenge. This often includes posting private messages and photos on the Internet. 

There are plenty of people who can engage in sexting activities without having an negative outcomes, but those potential outcomes are something worth considering. Sending overly intimate messages or pictures to anyone can be a high stakes gamble. In many cases it is best to avoid this type of activity at all. 

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