Why You Should Be Monitoring Your Child on Instagram Right Now

Instagram is one of the newest forms of social media that is being utilized by millions all over the world. Using pictures to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas, this appeals to the younger masses especially and many tweens and teens are flocking to this form of communication to express themselves. Uploading their pictures directly from the applications on their phones or tablets using frames and decorations makes it easy and fun to use to connect with friends and followers.

But Instagram isn't rated PG and there is no actual filter or censorship of what can be shared. There is a ton of content on there that many parents would deem pornographic or simply inappropriate, which is why Instagram monitoring is key. If you're concerned with what your kids are watching, what they're exposed to on the internet and the company that they keep, you should be just as concerned with what they are involved in on their social media applications, including Instagram.

Cyberbullying, sharing locations during upload (which can put your child at risk for pedophiles and stalking) and sexting are huge concerns when using Instagram. These days, internet predators are rampant and our children are at greater risk than ever before. It is imperative to talk to your children about privacy and make them understand just how important it is to not share personal information like their location, school and home addresses etc. It is just as important that they types of pictures that they are sharing adhere to these same rules. Many teenagers don't grasp the harsh reality that once a picture is put out on the internet, even if it is deleted, it will always be accessible and sharable by others.

Teenagers often feel like they know what's best for them and that parents are too old school, or don't understand them. However, as parents it is a duty to ensure their safety, even when it goes against what they prefer. Instagram monitoring can help avoid cyber-bullying, both being a victim of as well as the actual bully, since you can set specific key words triggers, threats of violence etc. to alert you to their account activity. Instagram monitoring can help to be that eye on your child when you cannot physically do so. Parents know that no matter how much they may inform their child, teens in particular will often go against direction just to express their own ability to be independent and rebel against authority.

There was a case recently in the news where some male teens from New Jersey posted nude pictures of girlfriends all over social media, including Instagram. These obviously had been privately shared pictures, but once they hit the internet, there was no semblance of privacy . They were threatened with arrest and being charged with possession of child pornography unless the pictures were taken down. While the pictures were finally removed, imagine how many were able to view and continue to hold those pictures in their possession. Instagram monitoring can completely prevent situations like that from occurring in the first place. Protect your children. Monitor their Instagram activities for their own sake and for the sake and safety of your family.

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