New eBook! “Teach your Child to Blog Like a Pro" Download Now!

The ultimate guide for parents of aspiring bloggersThe month of July brings you another eBook, and this one is for any parent whose child has asked to start their own, or any parent who wants to understand the basics and not-so-basics of blogging!

Blogging can be a wonderful creative outlet for your child, as well as a way to interact online, figure out likes and dislikes, build up a portfolio for college applications, and much more. But of course, as with most things online, blogging can be dangerous and requires engagement and monitoring from mom and dad.

Download “Teach your Child to Blog Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide for Parents of Aspiring Bloggers” to learn the basics and not-so-basics of blogging. After reading this eBook, you will be able to teach your child everything they need to know about blogging, including:

  • which platform is best for his/her needs

  • how best to monitor comments

  • which privacy setting to use

  • how to engage in discussion with readers

  • how to potentially make money blogging

  • and much more!

And as a parent, you will learn:

  • how to keep up with your child’s blogging habits

  • how to talk to them about what should and shouldn’t be posted online

  • how to appropriately comment on your child’s blog

  • and much more!

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