How to Use the Interactive Radio Player Quick Facts:

  • has over 47.2 million users

  • It recognizes 45 million unique tracks (songs)

  • boasts over 12 million tracks available via their streaming service

  • is available on over 600 devices

What is is a personalized, interactive radio player, but it's also full of social networking features designed to connect users with each other to enhance the listening experience. recommends new music based on a user's taste and helps them communicate with friends about music and share songs.

Who Uses

Registered users add new music to their playlist by “scrobbling” songs. Their personal music collection is called their Library. All activity in their Library isn't visible to anyone for the first two weeks, but after that point it is open to everyone to see unless a user designates privacy settings – from “everyone” to “nobody.”

What is on 

There are lots of different radio stations to listen to on Custom stations made up of friends' songs, songs of a particular group, or songs users have assigned a particular tag are all listening possibilities.

What else can do? also recommends new music, upcoming concerts and events, and other users with similar music tastes. People can advertise upcoming events and invite friends, or tweet their profile on Twitter.

Can you have friends on

Listeners manage groups of friends, send them messages, or leave comments in their shoutboxes. The friend finder feature (which users can opt out of) helps them find people they know on They can also add particular users to their “ignore list.” Friend requests must be approved to become friends on

Communicating on

Besides communicating directly with friends, users can form groups with other like-minded people on a variety of topics. The creator of a group can make it open for everyone to join or contingent upon their approval to join. They can also choose who can view their group's shoutbox.

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