Setting Digital Rules for Your Teens and Tweens

teenager video gameBeing a digital parent is an assignment that is not easy to handle. It is certainly something that is not always all that easy. However, digital parenting is a part of the expectations for parents these days. Without proper supervision, teens can make huge mistakes online as well as they can anywhere else. 

Have A Discussion With Your Children 

Children will listen to what you have to say (believe it or not). Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov says this about learning about your children's online lives via

Stay involved in your child’s online activities by talking with them and showing interest in their online world. Ask them to show you their favorite websites or the latest app or online game. 

Just by having an idea about what your children are into when it comes to their online life, you can start to gain a better understanding of what they are viewing. 

Limit Online Time 

Children who spend too much time online run the risk of getting into things that they should not. Also, they may start going to technology to fill needs that they have for relationships and friendships. This may not be helpful in their development at a certain age when they should be finding fulfillment in other activities. 

Panicking Never Works 

Just because something comes up online that is a problem does not mean that you should begin to panic. Panicking in this situation actually only makes the problem worse. Instead, the issue should be addressed and handled in a responsible way.

This is the way that parents are supposed to behave when they are faced with such a scenario. Most children are bound to end up in some trouble online at some point (from minor to severe), so it is best to be prepared for this to happen and to parent responsibly.  

                      6 Internet Safety Rules for Parents of Teens and Tweens            
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