Cyberbullying Facts and Resources for Parents

Cyberbullying has become a hot-button issue in the past decade. As children and teens of all ages use the Internet in larger numbers, it has become a tool that can be used to harass and intimidate other children even when they are not in the classroom. What should parents know about cyberbullying and where can parents find cyberbullying facts and resources?

Go Online

There are many resources that you can use to gather cyberbullying facts to equip youtself into becoming more educated about the issue. When you educate yourself on the true scope of cyberbullying, it makes it easier to deal with the problem as a parent. If you discover that your child has been bullied online or is bullying others online, you can discuss cyberbullying facts that you have learned to help your child escape the abuse or stop abusing others.

Use an Anti-Bullying Service to Keep Kids Safe

An anti-bullying service such as uKnowKids can be a great resource for you and your children. Parents can learn more about how their children can report instances of cyberbullying and how to take proper action if their kids are being cyberbullied. It can also help parents communicate with their kids about how to block or ignore bullies.

If your child is bullying someone else, you can learn about how to approach your kids about their behaviors and address the root cause. Typically, children bully other children because they either want to look cool or because they are insecure about themselves.

Keep in Touch With Your Child's Teachers

Teachers and other administrators at your child's school have a duty to protect them from abuse and harassment. By keeping the lines of communication open with those at your child's school, you can alert them to such abuse and help teachers spot and stop it before it becomes a larger issue. If need be, law enforcement can get involved to make sure that your child is safe from bullies.

Whether you are the one getting bullied or you're the parent of a child getting bullied, cyberbullying can be very harmful in both short and long-term effects. While it isn't possible to stop people from saying what is on their minds, you can take steps to become educated and prepared to ensure that your child is safe at school. 

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