Digital Cleanse Your Home This Summer

digital familyWith summer coming to an end and a new school year beginning, now is the perfect time for families to embark on a digital cleanse! It's pretty easy for physical devices and software to pile up throughout the school year and summer time. Get you and your family refreshed and ready for the new school year!

Cleaning Out the Digital Closet

Review your home's electronic devices inventory. With such rapid growth in the digital age, many of us tend to stockpile digital devices as we continue to purchase newer versions. The older versions often remain hidden like relics in closets and desk drawers, never to see the light of day again. Decide which devices need to go!

When deciding which items will stay or go, it is helpful to compile a list of the items with the dates they were purchased and last used. Your family can implement a "toss rule," which states that devices which haven't seen regular use in the past year need to go. 

Unplugging your family from older devices is not just about goodbyes. It can also be a "hello" to new devices and accessories. Instead of merely throwing away old devices, use this process as a way to teach your kids about how to be resourceful and give back. Devices can be re-sold to a second-hand shop, donated to a non-profit organization, or recycled in electronic recycling centers.

Free up some memory

Aside from sifting through the digital items in your house, families can also benefit from cleansing current devices of memory hogging media files. Those of us with smart devices often bite off more than we can chew. Our smartphones and tablets are cluttered with a seemingly endless number of apps, movies, music and e-books which we've downloaded on a whim. You probably also have a large gallery of personal photos, including many of less desirable quality.

Take some time with your family to review your digital data and erase unwanted items. You'll not only free up some memory space, you will also make your advice more organized and easier to navigate. When it comes to apps, you may be able to eliminate some programs which are actually slowing down your device, or tracking your personal information.

Unplugging Your Virtual Life

Use the upcoming new school year as an opportunity to sift through and cleanup your online presences. Have each family member scour the internet to determine what personal info is accessible by the public. Try doing a quick Google search with your names to see what is generated. Make note of any websites containing information you would prefer to remain private, and determine how to remove such info from the site.

Also pay attention to your social profiles. Check out your accounts on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and Instagram for anything that could reflect negatively. Remove tasteless photos and posts, and unfriend people you don't know. Recheck your privacy settings and make sure your info is shared with its intended audience. By completing these steps, you will be able to ensure there are no pressing issues with your online presence and can return to enjoying your real world life.

Beyond Unplugging

By minimizing the available devices, online social interactions, and other digital distractions, you and your family will be able to focus on other aspects of life. Your minds will be free to explore the world around you. You and your family will rediscover the real joys of summer in no time!

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